Slavic Legacy VR — Screen from the game
Slavic Legacy VR — Screen from the game
Award — Best Art Game Access 2018 Award — Best Art Laval Virtual 2018

Slavic Legacy VR — First and the largest Virtual Reality game based on mysterious Slavic mythology and culture. Discover the world hidden before us for 2500 years!

Through virtual reality, the player immerses himself into a dark story in Eastern Europe. From the very beginning, he has to sneak and hide from a deadly threat and its consequences. The unique fairytale atmosphere and uncommon in VR, award-winning graphics, is a mixture of realism and artistic vision of the creators. All of the tools, elements of the environment and encountered mythical beasts were created based on ethnographic research so that they faithfully reflect the life and beliefs of the then people. The game also confronts the problem of motion sickness with a completely new way of moving and designing the locations. These and many other features make Slavic Legacy a valued, one-of-a-kind and immersive production for the educational and entertainment market.

Slavic Legacy VR — Screen from the game

Based in Warsaw, Poland


∙ Oculus
∙ HTC Vive

Play Time

1.5-3h for first chapter


∙ Gaming
∙ Educational
∙ Location based entertainment

Key Features

  • Sneak and hide to survive. Not focused on front fights.
  • Intelligent opponents, different types of creatures.
  • Craft potions, prayers, traps, talismans to defeat the beasts.
  • Elements of horror, survival and puzzle games.
  • The big terrain in VR with an innovative way of moving.
  • Awarded, realistic graphics with fairytale touch - between dream and reality.
  • Dedicated to the game, immersive Slavic music.

Game Music

The music in Slavic Legacy VR is a true masterpiece. Composed exclusively for this game, each track has been meticulously crafted to perfectly match the diverse situations the player will encounter. Whether it's moments of battle or calmer periods of reflection, the compositions create an incredible atmosphere, using authentic instruments and unique vocals with an Old Slavic touch. This music not only adds depth to the gameplay but also transports us into the magical world of Slavic legends and myths.

Wonderful and talented authors: Joanna Chudyba, Jan Rusin, Zofia Zaborowska, Adrianna Maria Kafel, Kacper Siejkowski, Susanna Jara

Sneak Peek from game terrain

In-game Footage with only GTX 970 in VR

Poterczuk the Beast

One of the Slavic monsters. Real time render from Unreal Engine.

Laval Virtual 2018

One of the many events where Slavic Legacy VR was very well received.