Free VR ready assets!

Lowpoly mesh & lightweight textures


Free licence for non commercial usage!

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

— Charles Dickens

Techincal Details

All assets are from Slavic Legacy - the game made specifically for Virtual Reality on PC, but they can also be used on mobile platforms. Packages include a complete range of textures appearance LOD's, which can provide a balance between appearance and performance. Each asset has a separate LightMap UV (8-128px) in which performance was priority. More about each asset you can find in "read me" file in each package.

Asset's Appearance

Most of them are based on primeval beliefs of Slavs and places where they lived. You can download e.g. authentic Slavic daily necessities and elements of their environment.

We hope that this assets will inspire and help you with work.
Enjoy! :)


Old Axe + Chopping Stump - Free VR Models

Release date of first asset pack: 30.09.2027