Slavic Legacy

What is all about

In consequence of the tumult, along with the rush of the modern world and the leading religions, Slavic gods fell into oblivion. After hundreds of years, their dormant powers are coming back to life, and their pride craves for former glory. Embark on a lonely journey through the roads of Slavic ancestors and face your greatest fears. Will you survive?

The first of it's kind VR game based on Slavic mythology, created exclusively for this technology. Experiencing the world from 1,000 years ago never before was so real. Sense the atmosphere of spiritual places and stories that will never come back to live. Try to find yourself in a world of constant threat and fear for own life.


Slavic Legacy is a game adapted to running even on PC with lowest hardware requirements needed to fully enjoy Virtual Reality. Unlike many other games, Slavic Legacy does not require a network connection. You just sit down and play.

Authentic Slavic myths

Its unique atmosphere Slavic Legacy owes authentic elements of rich culture and mythology of Slavs. Everything you can experience and what you see - from vivid landscapes, old architecture, and tools of daily use to the dangerous creatures - we created bearing in mind the historical truth and the ancient Slavic spirit.

Comfortable gameplay

Motion sickness is a widely known problem of VR games. Slavic Legacy has been made to provide the maximum comfort of the gameplay. We also took care of purifying your experience so we reduced redundant UI to maximize immersion and hand over to you an exciting and positive VR entrance.

Watch your back.